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Create payment runs for customer accounts in multi-org


Create payment runs for customer accounts in multi-org

The visibility and accessibility of the payments and refunds list view are permission-controlled by the org hierarchy. A user assigned to the root/ parent org. will be able to view and access all the payments and refunds data. If a user is assigned to a child org. unit (whether branch-level or leaf-level org.), they can view only the data belonging to the respective org units. 

You can create payment runs for single or multiple customer accounts. A user can access only those custom accounts that are associated with the org. unit to which the user belongs. 

To create a payment run for customer accounts belonging to an org. unit

You must have the Manage Payment Runs permission to be able to create, edit, cancel, and delete payment runs. This permission is enabled by default. When disabled, you can only view and download payment runs. An error message is returned if you try to perform actions for which you do not have permission. You must contact your Zuora tenant administrator to request a change to your user permissions.

  1. Navigate to Payments > Payment Runs in the left navigation section.
  2. Click the New Payment Run and complete the following steps:
    1. In the Company field, select the org for which you are creating the payment run. 
  3. Specify the payment run information mentioned in Steps 3 - 10 in Create payment run to complete the bill run creation.