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Audit logging changes for Multi-Org


Audit logging changes for Multi-Org

Audit logging changes to the organization object in a multi-org environment

This article describes how you can audit log all changes to the organization object for review, in a multi-org enabled environment. For information, see Data Query

TenantHub supports the audit trail for organization hierarchy management in Zuora Multi-org. 

Anytime a new organization (org unit) is added to the org hierarchy in Zuora or any other change is made to the organizational hierarchy, the audit trail logs and displays all those changes made to the structure in the Tenanthub.  

The audit trail report is generated as follows:

  • All changes to the organization object are logged and available for audit review via the auditobjectchangeevent object available via Data Query.
  • The audit results will be available live and can also be downloaded into a .csv file.

In the following example, we will try to retrieve the record for changes made to an org unit:


Ensure that audit logging is enabled for your tenant and you have permission to access audit logs. 

  1. Navigate to the Platform > Data Query section in the left navigation bar
  2. Write the following data query to retrieve the organization details of the recently updated org unit:


FROM auditobjectchangeevent

WHERE Namespace = 'Tenanthub'

The audit logs will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.