Zuora Quotes Overview

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Zuora Quotes Overview

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Zuora Quotes is a native Salesforce application that lets you create Zuora accounts and manage subscriptions, amendments, and renewals in Salesforce. With Zuora Quotes, your sales teams can easily build customer-ready quotes, using your Zuora subscription catalog, and send the resulting accounts and subscriptions immediately to Zuora for invoicing and subscription management.

In the Zuora Quotes workflow, a quote involves:

  • A customer account
  • An optional opportunity linked to that customer
  • A quote, linked to the opportunity or to the customer account, which contains the details of a proposed subscription including a catalog product, a rate plan, and one or more rate plan charges which can be edited

The quote page displays all this information plus the MRR and TCV of the proposed contract. Zuora Quotes can create a PDF version of the quote, formatted and styled for your company. When a deal is reached, clicking a button sends the quote to Zuora, which creates a corresponding subscription and manages it from that point forward - invoicing, collecting payment, auto-renewal, etc. 

With the addition of Zuora 360, you can complete the circle by synchronizing the resulting customer and invoice data back to Salesforce.

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