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Edit a version


Edit a version

You can edit any version of your feature, whatever the current status.

To edit a version of a feature, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Product from the main menu
  2. Select Features from the menu options

    The Features screen displays.

  3. Select the feature name from the Title column to access the list of feature versions
  4. Select the number of the feature version you want to edit from the Version column

    The Rules Builder for the feature version displays.

  5. Update the feature as required

    You can do the following:

    • Update the rule in the Rules Builder

      For further information on using the Rules Builder, see the Rules Builder section

    • Add an outcome

      For further information on adding an outcome, see the Add an Outcome topic.

      Note: You can also clone an existing outcome to add an outcome. For further information on cloning an Outcome, see the Clone an Outcome topic.

    • Edit a previously-created outcome

      For further information on adding an outcome, see the Edit an Outcome topic.

    • Delete a previously-created outcome

      For further information on deleting an outcome, see the Delete an Outcome topic.

    • Change the settings in the Developer Interface

      To access the Developer Interface, select the lock icon. A confirmation dialog box displays, as illustrated below:


      Select the Unlock button to access the Developer Interface. Selecting the Cancel button closes the dialog box without opening the Developer Interface.

      For further information on the developer interface for your implementation, see the relevant topic from the following

  6. Select the Save as New Version button to save a draft of your feature. To publish the rule, select the down arrow beside the Save as New Version button and select Save as New Version & Publish

    A new version is added at the top of the versions list for the feature.