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Restrict Account Sharing For Company Accounts


Restrict Account Sharing For Company Accounts

You can limit account sharing and the number of active sessions allowed for an account.

A session is created every time an end user logs in to your site, and is specific to the browser and device used to log in. Sessions last for one year, unless the end user logs out.

To complete the Restrict Account Sharing section, complete the following steps:

    1. Select the number of sessions each user can use at one time from Set the number of sessions per user for this account.
    2. Select what will happen when session limit is exceeded. Available options are Delete oldest sessionsPrevent login over session limit, and Default global behavior.
    3. If required, update the message displayed to the end user when they exceed the session limit in the Login restricted message for this account text box. By default, this is pre-filled with “Device limit reached. Please log out from other devices”.