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Include a Payment Form in Your Rule


Include a Payment Form in Your Rule

In this example, we build a rule in the Anonymous rules canvas that includes a payment form for the shareable product. When the end user has made a payment, the success message also allows them to send invitations to people asking them to become a member and share the product grant.

To build your anonymous user journey, complete the following steps:

    1. Navigate to, or create, your featureFor further information on navigating to an existing feature and updating it, see the Edit a Version topic. For further information on creating a feature, see the Add a Feature topic.
    2. Build the journey that you want the anonymous user to take before they reach the payment form outcomeFor example, you could build a simple rule that presents the outcome when the end user tries to access your content, or add trials to test the take-up of the shared products.
    3. Add a payment form outcome, as described in the Add an Outcome and Create a Payment Form topics. Note: If you are editing an existing rule, you can update the existing payment form outcome or replace another outcome in your rule with a new payment form outcome. Whichever approach you take, ensure that you enable invitations and configure the link destination URL and any user attribute mappings you require in the Payment section of the form.
    4. If necessary, customise the text in the email template for the invitation to join as described in the Email Templates section

Now we can create a feature for the invitation landing page.