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Cancel a delivery adjustment


Cancel a delivery adjustment

You can cancel a delivery adjustment, for example, the delivery adjustment on 2023-04-02. See the example.

For canceling multiple delivery adjustments in an adjustment period, you need to cancel them one by one.


Before cancelling a delivery adjustment, ensure the following tasks are completed:

  • The Post Debit Memo billing permission has been enabled for the billing role specified in Profiles > Billing Role so as to generate and post debit memos. For more information, see Billing Role.
  • Debit memo reason codes are initialized.

To initialize debit memo reason codes, perform the following steps:

  1. Click your username at the top right in the UI and then navigate to Payments Configure Reason Codes
  2. Select the Debit Memo from the drop-down list under Define Reason Codes to initialize debit memo reason codes. Among the reason codes, ensure the Write-off reason code is Active.

After completing all prerequisite tasks, you can now cancel a delivery adjustment as follows.

Step 1: Verify credit memo status and applied credit memo amount

You can retrieve the credit memo number of the delivery adjustment through the Retrieve an adjustment operation, and then verify the credit memo status and applied credit memo amount. You can cancel a delivery adjustment only if the credit memo status is Posted and the entire credit memo amount has not been applied. Otherwise, you need to unapply the entire credit memo amount and ensure the credit memo status is still Posted. For more information, see Unapply credit memos from invoices and debit memos.

Step 2: Cancel a delivery adjustment and generate debit memos

You can cancel a delivery adjustment through the Cancel an adjustment operation if the credit memo status and amount requirements are met.

Zuora creates a debit memo whose amount equals the credit memo amount to write off the credit memo, and the result of the cancellation of the delivery adjustment depends on whether the debit memo generation succeeds, as follows:

  • If succeeded, the debit memo status changes to Posted. The entire amount of the credit memo is applied to the debit memo, and the credit memo balance changes to 0. Meanwhile, the delivery adjustment status changes to Cancelled.
  • If failed, the failure is returned in the response, and the delivery adjustment status remains unchanged, still as Billed.