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Cancel and delete customer accounts


Cancel and delete customer accounts

If a customer cancels their subscription and is no longer billed for services, the customer account can be cancelled. A customer account can be set to cancelled status only after all subscriptions have been cancelled. A customer account that has been cancelled can be re-activated, if needed.

Cancel a Customer Account

Before you can cancel a customer account, you must cancel all subscriptions associated with that account (you must cancel active and draft subscriptions). When a customer account is cancelled, Zuora will not perform any transactions on that account: 

  • Zuora will not generate invoices for cancelled accounts
  • You cannot apply payments for cancelled accounts

To cancel a customer account:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Customer Accounts in the left-hand navigation section.
  2. Use the Search field to locate the customer account that you want to cancel.
  3. Click the name of the customer account to view the account information.
  4. Click more, located in the upper-right corner, and select Cancel Customer Account.
  5. Click OK to confirm the action.

If you later want to reactivate the account, click reactivate customer account in the customer detail view. 

Delete a Customer Account

  1. Click Customer Accounts to view the existing accounts.
  2. Click delete for the account that you want to remove, and then click Yes to confirm the action.

Deleting an account deletes all of the account information, including subscriptions, invoices, payments, and adjustments.

Notes and Limitations

  • For account deletion, the system will start a backend job to remove all transactions under the accounts and change the status of the accounts to 'Cancelled'. This backend job is asynchronous and will take some time, depending on the job size.    
  • An account cannot be deleted when:
    • The account is either the invoice owner or the subscription owner of a subscription; and
    • The subscription's invoice owner and subscription owner are two different accounts.

    An exception to this limitation above is if the Enable force deletion for Account? setting is set to Yes, you can force delete an account that is the subscription owner of a subscription while the invoice owner is a different account. Force deleting this account deletes all its subscriptions, but the relevant invoices will not be impacted.

  • An account cannot be deleted if this account has ever been involved in an Owner Transfer amendment, either as the current owner or as the previous owner.