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Overview of Billing Transactions


Overview of Billing Transactions

The Billing Transaction object is available in the data source and Data Query. This object stores data and data changes on the Zuora Billing side. It provides the systems downstream of Zuora Billing with consistent and traceable data, such as the Invoice Item, Credit Memo Item, and Debit Memo Item.

Billing Transaction captures important changes on Invoice Item, Credit Memo Item, and Debit Memo Item when a billing document is posted. It is mainly used for Billing Reconciliation.

There are more than 50 fields in one Billing Transaction object, including invoice information (ID, Name, and so on), Invoice Item, Credit Memo Item, Debit Memo Item, and so on.

While generating a billing transaction object, the billing is considered as a revenue standalone bill for the following conditions:

  • transaction type = CMI
  • exclude booking = true
  • exclude billing != true
  • reversed invoice flag = true

Account level discount is not supported. In addition, fixed amount discounts will not be supported as part of the discount allocation.