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Zuora Billing Release 250, July 2019


Zuora Billing Release 250, July 2019

Welcome to the release notes for Zuora Billing Release 250 (R250), July 2019. This release includes new Zuora Billing features, enhancements, and resolved issues.

For more information about the release notes of other Zuora products, see Zuora Release Notes.

Release schedule

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See API Changelog for a summary of REST API updates and documentation updates in the Zuora API Reference.

Orders and Subscriptions

Resolved: Unexpected new segment generated for subscription renewal on volume and tiered charges

Orders is now generally available.

If you are an existing Zuora Subscribe and Amend customer and want to adopt Orders, see What is Orders Harmonization for more information. If you want to enable Orders, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

Previously, an unexpected new segment was generated on volume and tiered charges when a subscription was renewed. The new segment could prevent you from updating the subscription after the renewal. The new segment was unexpected because the default subscription setting Default Price Change for Product Charges was set to Use Latest Product Catalog Pricing and no product price change was made in the product catalog. This issue has now been resolved.


BlueSnap payment gateway integration now supports SEPA

The SEPA Direct Debit scheme is now supported by Zuora’s BlueSnap payment gateway integration. You can use this gateway to perform the following operations:

  • Creating a SEPA payment
  • Creating a SEPA refund

See BlueSnap gateway for more information.


Spanish is now generally available as a new UI display language

The Zuora UI is now generally available in Spanish in addition to English, French, German, and Japanese.

By default, English is used as the UI display language. To change the language that the UI is displayed in, click Profile > Manage Your Profile and select a supported language from the Language list.

See Personal Settings for more information.


Current WSDL version: 98

See Zuora WSDL for information on how to check your version and download the latest version.

SOAP API Change History

See Zuora SOAP API Version History for a summary of updates made to the SOAP API in recent Zuora releases.