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Configure CPQ X


Configure CPQ X

After CPQ X is enabled, you must complete a sequence of configurations.

To take advantage of the latest features, we recommend that you configure and work with CPQ X in Salesforce Lightning Experience. The steps are all documented based on the Salesforce Lightning Experience. However, you can still configure and use CPQ X in Salesforce Classic.


Take the following fundamental steps to configure CPQ X:

  1. Configure Opportunity, Account, and Quote layouts to enable access to the Quote Studio page.
  2. Update default settings to facilitate quote configuration.
  3. Alternative to Step 2, you can programmatically customize default values by implementing Default Values Plugin.
  4. Configure product filters and quick filters to allow for easier searching for product rate plans.
  5. Customize field sets for CPQ X to tailor the fields displayed on the Quote Studio page.
  6. Configure Quote Studio admin settings to customize advanced functionalities of Quote Studio as needed.

In addition to the previous steps, you can also complete the following advanced configuration as needed:

What to do next

After CPQ X is set up, users can use CPQ X to create a new quote.