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Quote Detail Page for Lightning Experience


Quote Detail Page for Lightning Experience

CPQ X Quote Detail Page UI provides Lightning experience by letting you configure fieldsets based on your preferences. You can add custom fieldsets to the Quote Summary and Quote Details section of your lightning page and define custom components.


To add custom component, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Edit Page.
  2. In the resulting Lightning App Builder page, navigate to Quote Record Page.
  3. On the right side, click Add tab and enter the names for Tab Label and Custom Label.
  4. Click Done. You will now see a new tab appear.


  1. Navigate to the newly created tab and add the custom component named CPQ_X Quote Detail Form to the desired place.


  1. While defining Quote Object Fieldsets, the namespace prefix of the fieldset should match the API name exactly. For example, if it is a Zuora package fieldset, it should be prefixed with zqu__. If you create it, it may not have any prefix. You can define multiple fieldsets with comma separated.

Note that the columns displayed for the products are controlled by the fieldset on the Quote Rate Plan Charge object named: CPQX_Quote_Detail_Charge_Display_Fields. You can add additional custom fields to this fieldset to appear on the quote summary page.