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Bundling in Zuora Quotes


Bundling in Zuora Quotes

Bundling is a legacy solution that is no longer being enhanced and is not supported by our latest Orders API stack.

With the Bundling feature turned on, you can relate your product to other products. You can see them all in one view and all in one quote, and then send in the information to Zuora. The following articles describe how to enable Bundling in Zuora Quotes and then configure products and bundles in Salesforce.


The Bundling feature has the following limitations:

  • Bundling is not supported with Orders. Orders does not support system custom fields, which are a special type of fields used for bundling.
  • In Zuora Rules Engine, the rules only execute against top-level products. If you define rules trigger conditions on a Product Bundle, the rules will not be triggered on the child products.
  • Bundling is not supported with Ramp Deals. Ramp Deals are Orders only.
  • The following charge models in the Salesforce product catalog cannot be synchronized to Zuora with Bundling:
  • If you enable Multi-entity in your Zuora tenant, you must disable Bundling when re-syncing new entities.