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Create Features and Product Features in Salesforce


Create Features and Product Features in Salesforce

A feature is a product or service component that is not offered as an individual sale item, e.g. computer accessories or an extra mobile data plans. By adding features to a product, your product entity becomes a package or a kit of features. Rate plans define how you price, and features define what you get. 

There is a many-to-many relationship between features and products in the product catalog. A product can contain multiple features, and a feature can belong to multiple products.

In Zuora Quotes, you can create Features and add Features to Products to enhance your product offerings.

Create a Feature

To create a new Feature in your product catalog:

  1. In the Features tab, click New.
  2. On the Feature Edit page, specify the following field values.
    • Feature Name: Specify a name for the new feature. A Name value can contain up to 255 characters.
    • Code: The Feature Code must be unique across all features in your org. A Code can contain up to 255 characters.
    • Description: Enter a description for the feature. A description string can contain up to 32,000 characters.
    • Status: Select Active to make the feature available to be added to products.
  3. Click Save

Add a Feature to a Product

When you add a Feature to a Product, the Feature becomes available in the Product Selector when the Product is selected for a quote.

To add a Feature to a Product:

  1. In the Products tab, click the name of the product you want to add a Feature to.
  2. In the Product Features section on the Product page, click New Product Feature.
  3. Specify the following field values.
    • Product Feature Name: Name of this feature specific in the product.
    • Product: The product that you want to add the feature to.
    • Feature: Specify the Feature you want to add to this product.
  4. Click Save.