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Change the Subscription's Terms and Conditions


Change the Subscription's Terms and Conditions

Changing the terms and conditions allows you to extend or shorten the initial term or renewal term of the subscription. You can also autorenew a subscription in advance of the subscription's autorenewal date.


Use the following steps to change the terms and conditions on a subscription. Follow these steps for each subscription you want to change.

  1. In your Microsoft Dynamics 365 org, navigate to the Quotes layout page.
  2. Click the New Zuora Quote button. 
  3. In the area of Sales Information, select the Potential customer. After a Potential customer is selected, Bill To Contact and Sold To Contact associated with this account are displayed.
  4. In the Quote type field, select Amend Quote. You will see a new field, Zuora Subscription to Amend when you select Amend quote.
  5. In the Zuora Subscription to Amend field, select the subscription you wish to amend. All subscriptions associated with the account will be displayed as soon as you select the subscription.
  6. Click Terms and Conditions button under subscription section.
  7. In the resulting screen, input the below information:
Field Description
Contract Effective Date The date when the contract takes effect. If the subscription includes charges that trigger at specific date points, then this date triggers charges set to the value, Upon Contract Effective.
Auto Renew Billing model where the customer's payment details are charged automatically without the customer having to take action.
Term Type Indicates when the customer pays for subscriptions.
Initial Term The first duration of a Contract (the Term) following its Execution, after which the Contract will either Terminate or Renew.
Initial Term Period Type The period type for the first subscription term.
Renewal setting Specifies whether a termed subscription will remain termed or change to evergreen when it is renewed.
Renewal Term The number of periods for the renewal term of the subscription.
Term Start Date The date when the subscription term starts. This date is the same as the start date of the original term, which isn't necessarily the start date of the current or new term.


  1. Click Submit.
  2. Click Send to Zuora