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Create a New Subscription Quote


Create a New Subscription Quote

In order to create a quote, you must have the required Zuora and Microsoft Dynamics permissions.

You can create a new subscription quote from an Account layout, Quote view layout, and Opportunity layout page. 

The flow of quote creation can differ depending on the subscription type you are creating.

Once the quote has been created, you can modify it, delete it, or send it to Zuora to create a subscription.

Create a New Subscription Quote


  • Ensure the account details for which you want to create a quote are already created.
  • When creating a new subscription quote from an opportunity, ensure that the opportunity is associated with an account.


Take the following steps to create a new subscription:

  1. In your Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales hub, navigate to the Account layout page under the Customers section or Opportunities layout page under the Sales section.
  2. Click the New Zuora Quote button. 
  3. Configure quote information and submit the configuration upon completion. The following fields are auto-populated by default:
Fields Default value
Potential customer When Potential customer is selected, Bill To Contact and Sold To Contact associated with this account are auto-populated.
Bill To Contact
Sold To Contact
Price List Zuora pricing
Currency US Dollar
Zuora Quote? Yes
Quote Type New Quote
Contract Effective Date Current date
Service Activation Date Current date
Auto Renew Yes
Term Type Termed
Initial Term 12
Initial Term Period Type Month
Renewal Term 12
Generate Invoice No
Invoice Separately No
Renewal Setting Renew with term
Renewal Term Periodtype Month
  1. Click Save to save your updates. The status of the New Quote will be changed to Saved.
  2. Click Activate Quote to activate the quote that you created. Once the quote is activated, you can’t edit the quote.
  3. Click Send to Zuora.


After the new subscription quote is submitted, the Quote Details page is displayed. This page does not allow you to edit quote details unless you choose to Revise option.

What to do next

Later, you can amend or renew this quote. See Create amendment quotes or renewal quotes for more information.