Scrubbed Fields in Contacts and Contact Snapshots

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Scrubbed Fields in Contacts and Contact Snapshots

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The following table lists the scrubbed fields and the values stored after scrubbing in the Contact and Contact Snapshot business objects:

Business Object Field Name Value after Scrubbing Description
address1 Record Scrubbed The first line of the contact's address, which is often a street address or business name.
address2 Record Scrubbed The second line of the contact's address.
city Record Scrubbed The city of the contact's address
contactDescription Record Scrubbed A description of the contact.
country null The country of the contact's address.
county Record Scrubbed The county of the contact's address. It May optionally be used by Zuora Tax to calculate county tax.
fax Record Scrubbed The fax number of the contact.
firstName Record Scrubbed The first name.of the contact.
homePhone Record Scrubbed The home phone number of the contact.
lastName Record Scrubbed The last name of the contact.
mobilePhone Record Scrubbed The mobile phone number of the contact.
nickName Record Scrubbed A nickname for the contact.
otherPhone Record Scrubbed An additional phone number of the contact.
otherPhoneType 3 The type of the other phone.
personalEmail null The contact's personal email address.
postalCode Record Scrubbed The zip code for the contact's address.
state Record Scrubbed The state or province of the contact's address.
taxRegion Record Scrubbed Whether to use Zuora Tax rules.
workEmail null The business email address of the contact.
workPhone Record Scrubbed The business phone number of the contact.
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