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Manage technical support dashboard


Manage technical support dashboard

The Support dashboard displays charts and data summaries on metrics like average completion time and ticket status, active and solved tickets count, data filters, and a real-time update of the latest five tickets.

To view the Support dashboard navigate to Support in Zuora OneID. 

If you're a first-time user of Command Center, you must authorize access to Zendesk to view and manage the tickets on the homepage. For subsequent logins, no authorization is required.

Dashboard breakdowns

The Support dashboard includes one or more groups that log the trend chart of support tickets over time. 

  • Data Summary: Displays a time frame to filter and view the support performance and their KPIs. 
  • Ticket Statuses: Displays the number of created, solved, and active tickets of the tenants. 
  • Average Completion time: Average time taken for a ticket to be marked as closed or resolved.

Support tickets

Log support tickets of Zuora from the Command Center directly and view the details as displayed in the image. 

Clicking View All, New Ticket, or TICKET ID will redirect you to Zendesk to view, manage and create the tickets associated with the organization.