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Segment Profiles in Insights


Segment Profiles in Insights

The information in this article applies to account segments only. Insights does not provide profile pages for user segments.

Each Segment profile in Insights displays aggregate attributes and metrics for the accounts that are included in the segment. Attributes and metrics are displayed in tables and headline graphics. Metrics are also displayed in historical trend charts.

Insights updates each segment once per day, at a time that depends on your organization's schedule for sending data to Insights. When Insights updates a segment, accounts may enter or leave the segment, attributes are updated with the latest values, and metrics are recalculated for the day.

Insights also updates a segment each time you edit and save the segment criteria.


The Dashboard tab includes the following information about the accounts that are included in the segment:

  • Engagement Score - The aggregate engagement score of the accounts. See Engagement Score and Churn Probability for more information.

    Depending on the configuration of Insights, the Dashboard tab may not display engagement scores.

  • Usage Intensity - The aggregate usage intensity of the accounts. See Usage Intensity Score for more information.

  • Least Engaged - The accounts that have the lowest engagement scores.

  • Most Engaged - The accounts that have the highest engagement scores.

For example:



The Metrics tab gives you an overview of the current health of the accounts that are included in the segment. Each section of the Metrics tab displays a particular account attribute or metric. Numerical account attributes and metrics are aggregated into Min, Max, and Median values for the segment. You can use these segment metrics to assess variation within the segment. For example:



The Trends tab provides graphs of segment metrics over time. The value of each segment metric is the median of the corresponding account metric for all accounts in the segment. You can use the graphs to help understand the historical health of the segment, and predict how the segment might develop in the future.

The Trends tab also provides a graph of the number of accounts in the segment over time. For example:



The Options menu enables you to:

If the edit and delete menu items are dimmed, only the segment creator has permission to modify the segment. The segment creator's name is displayed underneath the segment name. To modify and save a copy of the segment, select View Segment Criteria from the Options menu.

To find out the segment criteria or request a change to the segment, contact the segment creator. If you are unable to contact the segment creator, submit a request at Zuora Global Support. Zuora Global Support can provide the segment criteria or change the segment permissions.