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Insights Analysis: View a Breakdown of CMRR by Product


Insights Analysis: View a Breakdown of CMRR by Product

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Insights Analysis to create a report that breaks down your monthly MRR trend by product. You will start with a standard report that shows your monthly MRR trend across all products, then you will group the report by a particular product attribute.

To create the report:

  1. In your Zuora tenant, navigate to Insights > Analysis.

    Insights Analysis opens.

  2. In the Booking folder of Zuora Standard Reports, locate the MRR Changes report, then select Edit from the Run Summary Report button:


    The Insights Analysis report builder opens.

  3. For the product attribute that you want to group by, drag the corresponding field from the Product object to the Row Groups area. Place the field to the left of the "Booking Attributes: Change Type" field.

    For example:



    A variety of standard product fields are available, including the product name. Your Product custom fields are also available.

    You can define up to 50 Product custom fields in your Zuora tenant. To define Product custom fields in your Zuora tenant, click your username at the top right and navigate to Settings > Billing > Manage Custom Fields. You can add custom fields to your product catalog at any time. See Manage Custom Fields for more information.

    Zuora customers typically review and update their Product custom fields after seeing the interesting and useful reports that are possible with the Booking Metrics data source in Insights Analysis.

    After you have defined Product custom fields, you can set them one-by-one in the Product Catalog area. See Edit a Product, Rate Plan, or Product Rate Plan Charge for more information. You can update Product custom fields in bulk using the Update API operation or the CRUD: Update Product API operation.

    You can also update Product custom fields in bulk using the Developer Tools app (fees apply). See How do I mass update the Product Catalog? for more information.

  4. At the top of the report builder, click the gear button:


    The Report Settings dialog box opens.

  5. Select Enable Rolling Totals, then click Save.

    This step is crucial because it enables starting and ending MRR totals for each of your products.

    Insights Analysis displays the starting and ending totals in the preview of the report results. For example:


    Each product grouping has a starting and ending total for each period in the report. The ending values provide the MRR trend by product.

    In the above example there are two product groupings: Software and Storage. The monthly MRR trend for Software is:

    • October 2016: $22,054.09
    • November 2016: $22,787.42
    • December 2016: $22,787.42
  6. At the top of the report builder, click Save As.

    The Save As dialog box opens.

  7. Modify the name and description of the report, then click Save.

  8. At the top of the report builder, click Save Report & Run.

    Insights Analysis runs the report and displays the report results.

  9. To export the report results for further analysis or data visualization in Excel, select Crosstab Layout or Unpivoted Layout from the Export button.

    If you select Crosstab Layout, the exported data will be formatted in the same way as the report results in Insights Analysis. For example: