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Insights Behavioral: View the Accounts Counted in Total Customers


Insights Behavioral: View the Accounts Counted in Total Customers

You can list your active accounts by creating a segment in Insights. The segment will update automatically every day as accounts become active and inactive.

To create the segment:

  1. Navigate to Insights > Segments.

    The Segments page opens and displays a list of segments.

  2. Click Create Account Segment:


    The query builder opens.

  3. Click Add criterion, then select Where an attribute value is.

  4. Select Subscriber Status:


  5. Select equals then Active:


    "Active" means that the segment criterion will match accounts that have at least one subscription with an effective rate plan charge.

    Insights displays a preview of the accounts that will be included in the segment. For example:


    See Create a Segment for more information about using the segment builder.

  6. Click Save as Segment.

    The Save Account Segment page opens.

  7. Name the segment "Total Customers" for consistency with the Overview dashboard and Insights Analysis, then click Save.

    Insights displays the profile page of the new segment. The profile page of the segment provides an at-a-glance dashboard of key metrics. For example:


    See Segment Profiles in Insights for more information.

    You can access the segment profile by clicking the segment name on the Segments page:


  8. To view the accounts that are currently included in the segment, navigate to Insights > Accounts, then select the segment:


    You can customize the account fields that are displayed:


    See View the Accounts in a Segment for more information.