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Insights Behavioral: Restrict Total Customers to a Product


Insights Behavioral: Restrict Total Customers to a Product

To answer the question "how many of my customers have I booked for a particular product?", you can create a segment in Insights that restricts Total Customers to that product. In this tutorial, the product is called "Analytics."

Before you complete this tutorial, you should complete View the Accounts Counted in Total Customers.

To create the segment:

  1. View the accounts in the "Total Customers" segment that you created in View the Accounts Counted in Total Customers, then click Options and select Edit Segment Criteria:


    The segment builder opens.

  2. Click Save a Copy.

  3. Name the copy "Total Customers: Analytics", then click Save.

  4. In the segment builder, add an Attribute criteria for "Active Plans contains Analytics":


    For each Account in Insights, the Active Plans field is a comma-separated list of the Account's active subscription rate plans. The format of each entry in the list is product name / rate plan name. For example, "Analytics / Monthly Plan." This scheme does not distinguish between two different products that have the same name; ensure that the string you enter instead of "Analytics" is unique to the product that you want to measure.

  5. Click Save.

The segment will update automatically every day.

To view the number of accounts in the segment, along with trends for the segment, navigate to the profile page of the segment. See Segment Profiles in Insights for more information.