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Insights Behavioral: Create a Cohort of Customers Based on Starting Month


Insights Behavioral: Create a Cohort of Customers Based on Starting Month

One of the most useful analyses you can create about your subscription business is a customer cohort analysis based on starting month. You can perform a cohort analysis in Insights by creating a segment.

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Insights to create a segment that includes all of your accounts that started their first subscription in January 2015.

To create the segment:

  1. Navigate to Insights > Segments.

    The Segments page opens and displays a list of segments.

  2. Click Create Account Segment:


    The query builder opens.

  3. Click Add criterion, then select Where an attribute value is.

  4. Select Account Start Date:


  5. Select is between, then specify 1 January 2015 and 31 January 2015:


    Insights displays a preview of the accounts that will be included in the segment. For example:


    See Create a Segment for more information about using the segment builder.

  6. Click Save as Segment.

    The Save Account Segment page opens.

  7. Name the segment "Cohort: Start Month: 2015-01", then click Save.

Insights displays the profile page of the new segment. On the profile page, you can monitor the rate of cancellations for the cohort over time:


You can also view summary statistics that you can subsequently compare with other monthly cohorts:


Including statistics like a breakdown of active and churned subscribers in the cohort.