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Synchronize Account Fields From Salesforce


Synchronize Account Fields From Salesforce

Submit a request at Zuora Global Support to enable this feature.

If you have connected your Salesforce Organization to Insights, you can synchronize Account fields from Salesforce to Account attributes or metrics in Insights.

This article explains how to set up inbound synchronization of Account fields. You can also set up outbound synchronization of Account fields. See Synchronize Account Fields to Salesforce for how to set up outbound synchronization of Account fields.

Inbound synchronization of Account fields and outbound synchronization of Account fields operate independently and on different schedules:

  • For inbound synchronization, Insights synchronizes Account fields from Salesforce once per day. Insights uses the Zuora Billing field "CRM Account ID" to match Salesforce Accounts with Insights Accounts. This means that CRM Account ID must be set for the Accounts in your Zuora tenant. See Basic Information for Customer Accounts for information about the CRM Account ID field.

  • For outbound synchronization, Insights synchronizes Accounts fields to Salesforce every 2 hours. You can configure how Insights matches Insights Accounts with Salesforce Accounts. See Configure Account Matching with Salesforce for more information.

Set Up Inbound Synchronization

To configure which Account fields to synchronize from Salesforce to Insights:

  1. Ensure that you have connected your Salesforce Organization to Insights.

    See Connect Salesforce for more information.

  2. Click your name at the top right and navigate to Settings.

  3. Click Manage Salesforce Integration.

  4. On the Salesforce Integration page, click Account Field Sync - From Salesforce.

  5. Select the Account fields to synchronize.

    For numerical Account fields, you can choose whether to create an Account attribute or an Account metric in Insights.

  6. Click Save.

The fields you have selected will not appear within Insights until after the first synchronization of selected Account fields completes. This will happen within 24 hours. Afterwards, field values from Salesforce will be updated once each day.

By default, the labels of Account fields that have been synchronized from Salesforce begin with "Sssf" in Insights.

After Insights has performed the first synchronization of Account fields, you should review the field labels in Insights and ensure that the field labels are meaningful to your team members. See Manage Account Attributes and Metrics for how to modify Account field labels in Insights.