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Session Record Type Files


Session Record Type Files

When you send session data to Insights as part of a batch upload, you send the session data in a file called a record type file.

The following guidelines apply to session record type files:

  • Include a header row with field labels
  • Include all required fields
  • Fields can appear in any order
  • Include one row per session

Fields in Session Record Type Files

Field Description

Session Timestamp

The age of the data in the record. All rows should have the same date.

Format: ISO-8601 "standard" (YYYY-MM-DD)
Expected value: any date

External Session ID
The external ID of the session.
External User ID
The external ID of the user that the session is associated with.

External Account ID

The external ID of the account that the session is associated with.


Fields containing attribute values for the session.

Format: Text, Numeric, Boolean, Date, or Datetime

For example, you can set the Session Duration attribute.


The following file illustrates how to prepare a record type file in CSV format. Replace the sample values before uploading the file to Insights.

Sample record type file containing session data