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Flexera Connector Use Cases


Flexera Connector Use Cases

This article explains how Zuora and Flexera reconcile with each other through Flexera Connector. The synchronization between Zuora subscriptions and Flexera entitlements can be categorized into two types: real-time synchronization and daily batch synchronization.

Real-Time Synchronization

The following actions in Zuora will be updated in Flexera in real-time:

Create Subscription

When a subscription is created in Zuora, the Flexera Connector instance will:

  1. Create the Organization and Contact in Flexera if it does not exist. 
  2. Create the entitlement and entitlement line items that are mapped to the subscription in Zuora.
  3. Update the Account.FlexOrgCreated__c field to Yes.
  4. Set a value to the Subscription.FlexUniqueId__c and RatePlanCharge.FlexActivationId__c fields.

Add Product

When an amendment for adding a product is created in Zuora, the app instance will:

  1. Create the entitlement line items that are mapped to the added rate plan charge in Zuora.
  2. Set a value to the RatePlanCharge.FlexActivationId__c field.

Remove Product

When an amendment that removes a product is created in Zuora, the Flexera Connector instance will update the entitlement line item end date to align with the removal date.

Renew Subscription

When an amendment that renews a subscription is created in Zuora, the Flexera Connector instance will update the end date for the corresponding entitlement line item to align with the renewed subscription in Zuora.

Cancel Subscription

When an amendment that cancels a subscription is created in Zuora, the Flexera Connector instance will update the end dates for the corresponding entitlement line items to align with the cancelled subscription in Zuora.

Batch Synchronization

The batch updates take place in one of the following scenarios:

Batch Updates from Zuora to Flexera

This is a daily job to update Flexera with the latest Zuora information. The Flexera Connector instance will execute the following query on a daily basis:

SELECT id, name, notes, flexuniqueid__c FROM subscription WHERE updateddate < today and updateddate > yesterday;

This query pulls back all subscriptions updated in the previous 24 hours. 

For all the updated subscriptions, the app instance will update the associated entitlement line items with the new start date, expiration date, and quantity. The Description field for the entitlement line items will also be updated with the value for the Subscription.Notes field in Zuora.

Usage Synchronization from Flexera to Zuora

The app creates or updates the usage data based on the following assumptions:

  • Each entitlement line item corresponds to only one feature.
  • The friendly_name field in the Flexera feature has the same value as the rate plan charge name in Zuora.
  • For each account, if multiple rate plan charges have the same name, only one will be updated. The Flexera Connector only updates one rate plan charge per name.
  • The Flexera Connector will only attempt to fill the gap between the previously created usage in Zuora and the current usage in Flexera. 

This functionality is currently only triggered via the API call.
Callout URL: https://flexera-connector.apps.zuora...ra/usage_batch

Activation Synchronization from Flexera to Zuora

If a subscription is not in the Active status, the Flexera Connector will get all new licenses in Flexera and update the service activation date in Zuora to the current date.

This functionality is currently only triggered through the API call.
Callout URL: https://flexera-connector.apps.zuora...tivation_batch