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Zuora Promo Codes and Subscriber Portal Release Notes


Zuora Promo Codes and Subscriber Portal Release Notes

This page is no longer maintained. Please visit Zuora Release Notes for the latest release notes.

Zuora Promo Codes and Subscriber Portal do not have a fixed schedule for product releases. We publish release notes only when a release contains user-facing changes.

October 25, 2021

The Promo Codes application now supports a new type of promotion code named Intelli code. Intelli codes allow you to configure rules to determine when the codes can be validated or consumed. 

By using Intelli codes, you can effectively reduce the number of created promotion codes, and flexibly meet your dynamically changing business requirements.

For more information, see Create Intelli codes.

September 14, 2020

The Promo Codes application release 1.3 is available in production on September 14, 2020. In this release, Zuora provides additional functionality and simplicity around campaigns and custom fields management for Promo Codes. 

The latest version of Promo Codes includes the following functional changes:

  • Campaigns: Campaigns can hold multiple codes with different code types. 
  • Custom field hierarchy: Custom fields can be stored at the global and campaign level in addition to the child campaign (previously known as “promo codes campaign”).
  • Promo Code Management: Promo Codes in child campaigns can now be copied into the current campaign, or moved to a new or existing campaign.

This latest version of Promo Codes includes the following UI changes:

  • The Promotions tab is renamed as Campaigns on the home page. You can create campaigns in this tab.
  • A new Custom Fields tab is added on the home page. You can add, remove, and edit Global custom fields in this tab. 

A new API object called Campaigns has been introduced in this release. Several APIs to operate on this object are also available. See Promo Codes API Docs for details.

For more information, see Promo Codes.

November 20, 2019

Commerce apps are now available in the Enhanced Production Copy Environment (ePCE) of Zuora. You can access Commerce apps in the Enhanced Production Copy Environment the same way as in the Sandbox and Production environments.

The Enhanced Production Copy Environment supports features and products that are not available in the Production Copy Environment (PCE). The Enhanced Production Environment is still in Limited Availability. For the supported features and products in ePCE, as well as how to get access to it, refer to Zuora Testing Environments.

October 29, 2019 - Subscriber Portal

We have released a major update to the platform that hosts Subscriber Portal and its assets. 

The aim of this update is to:

  • Improve system performance by enhancing scalability and load-distribution of the architecture

  • Improve monitoring and notifications for system errors to better filter extraneous messages

  • Improve the logging function for better troubleshooting support

We do not expect downtime from this update for any instances. However, there are some changes if your Subscriber Portal instance is using the auto-generated URL. For example, if the current portal URL is, it is changed to after the update.

If your Subscriber Portal instance is using a URL that is configured against your own DNS, there are no changes.

July 8, 2019 - Promo Codes

We have just released a new UI for Promo Codes. The steps for configuring and using Promo Codes are not changed.
The new UI consists of the following changes.

  • The UI adopts a new design style to improve user experience and to be consistent with the Zuora design guidelines.
  • A Dashboard tab has been added to the home page as the default tab. This tab displays the action items for admins and metrics about your campaigns and redeemed codes. You can print the charts or save the charts to files.
  • The Instructions tab has been removed. This tab was used to display a built-in help system. Now you can find the documentation for Promo Codes in the Knowledge Center.