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Insights Roles


Insights Roles

Zuora platform administrators can manage access to Insights features by setting roles and permissions in your Zuora tenant.

Standard Insights Roles

The following Insights roles are available in the Manage Roles administration setting:

  • Zuora Insights No Access

    This role has no permissions.

  • Zuora Insights Standard User

    This role has the permission Access Insights described below.

  • Zuora Insights Administrator

    This role has all the Insights permissions described below.

By default, each user is assigned the role Zuora Insights No Access.

Insights Permissions and Custom Insights Roles

You can create and assign custom roles that combine the following permissions:

Permission Description
Access Insights

This permission enables users to access the Insights user interface and do the following:

  • View data for accounts, users, and events
  • View and manage segments
  • Export data to CSV files

See Using Insights for more information.

Access and Configure Insights

In addition to the permissions of Access Insights, this permission enables users to do the following:

  • Access the Overview Dashboard
  • Manage attributes and metrics
  • Set the layout of account profile pages
  • Manage Salesforce integration
  • Manage custom integrations

See Setup and Administration for more information.

If your Insights add-on uses the Insights identity provider service (this is not the standard or common configuration of Insights), Insights administrators can manage access to Insights features in Insights settings. See Add Team Members for more information.

Insights Analysis Access

Access to Insights Analysis requires the Zuora Reporting Standard User role or higher.