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Configurable Payment Retry dashboard


Configurable Payment Retry dashboard

Configurable Payment Retry (CPR) Dashboard helps you view at-a-glance real-time status/health of collection actions specific to payment retry logic. You can find the configurable Payment Retry dashboard in the System Health navigation pane.

The CPR dashboard provides the following benefits:

  • View data related to payment retries in your Zuora tenant within the last three months.
  • Detect failures related to payment retry and troubleshoot accordingly.
  • View metrics along with raw data that is used to calculate the metrics.

For more information about the System Health feature, see Zuora System Health.


To access this dashboard, ensure the following requirements are met:

  • System Health is enabled for your Zuora tenant.
  • You are assigned the Access System Health Dashboard permission.

For more information, see Zuora System Health prerequisites.
If you cannot access this dashboard, check with your administrators.

Configurable Payment Retry tabs

The following table provides descriptions of the Configurable Payment Retry tabs.


This tab contains metrics of the chosen timeframe (up to three months) in graphs and quick stat cards.
In the Gateway Response Codes, you can view the top errors for failing payment retries.
You can link all the displayed graphs and metrics to raw data in the Payments tab.


This displays the raw data corresponding to the chosen filter conditions in the Payments tab. 
The data in this tab is used to create the metrics and graphs in the Overview tab.

View Configurable Payment Retry dashboard

This section is at the top of this dashboard, encompassing the following data boxes that display data summaries for the last three months.

After you open a tab in the dashboard, perform the following steps to view the data:

  1. Configure filters.

    You can customize the data to be displayed by using the filters.

    • Click Filters from the upper right corner of the dashboard.
    • Use the Timeframe, Start Time, End Time, and Currency to filter based on your need. 
    • Click Apply to apply the filter or click Reset to go back to the default filter settings.
  2. Quick Stat Card metrics.
    The following table provides descriptions of the Quick Stat Card metrics.
    Metrics Definition

    Collection Rate

    The percentage of documents that went through the retry and were successfully collected.

    Documents Collected

    The total number of unique billing documents collected against invoices and debit memos, when applicable, that were collected successfully through retry, which is also the document success rate.

    Amount Collected

    The total amount collected through billing documents against invoices and debit memos that went into retry.

    Payment Success rate

    The percentage of payments that were successfully collected through retry.

  3. Trend Chart metrics
    The following table provides descriptions of the Trend Chart metrics.



    Collection Rate

    The percentage of documents that went through the retry and were successfully collected. The graph is depicted based on active customer groups.

    Document Retry Status

    The status of each of the documents that have been entered into retry. This graph is displayed based on active customer groups.

    The following items are the different types of statuses:

    • Complete - Retry completed successfully.
    • Complete-external - The document was collected externally.
    • Failure - The retry process failed.
    • In-retry - The document is still in the retry process.
    • Defunct - The documents which did not go through retry due to exception.

    Amount Collected

    The graph is depicted based on active customer groups.

    Payment by Attempts

    The number of payments that were successful/failed at every attempt.

    Note: The first attempt is the initial payment run, the second attempt is the first retry cycle and so on.

  4. On the Gateway Error Response in the Overview tab, you can view gateway processing errors and top trending collection issues. The table displays the below details:

    • Gateway

    • Payment Method

    • Gateway Response Code

    • Count - Click on a particular Count in Gateway Error Response to view the billing documents that failed due to the particular error.

  5. On the Payments tab, you can view the below details corresponding to data used to build the charts and stat cards:

    • Payment Number

    • Status

    • Gateway

    • Payment Method

    • Gateway Response Code

    • Gateway Response Message

    • Amount

    • Currency

    • Click the download icon next to the details to download the table as a CSV file.