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Zuora 360+ Release Notes


Zuora 360+ Release Notes

We publish Zuora 360+ Release Notes when customer-facing features, enhancements, and resolved issues of Zuora 360+ are deployed to Zuora Sandbox environments.

For the release notes of Zuora 360, see Zuora 360 Version 5 Release Notes.

March 3, 2021

Resolved issue: Zuora payment ID used for Payment Method Name with Zuora 360+ enabled

Previously, with Zuora 360+ enabled, Zuora used Zuora payment ID for the Payment Method Name field on the Payment Method object in Salesforce. To be consistent with Zuora 360, Salesforce payment method record ID is now used for the Payment Method Name field.

Note: Currently, this resolved issue is released to Sandbox only.

Resolved issue: DACO-99 error on SubscriptionRatePlan and SubscriptionRatePlanCharge objects

Previously, you might encounter the DACO-99 error code that prevented the synchronization of Subscription Rate Plans and Subscription Rate Plan Charges when performing syncs. This issue has been resolved now.

January 21, 2021

New text field added to SubscriptionProductChargeHistory object 

The Product Rate Plan Charge Id (Zuora__ProductRatePlanChargeId__c) text field has been added to the Subscription Product & Charge History (Zuora__SubscriptionProductChargeHistory__c) object in Zuora 360+. To take advantage of this enhancement, you must ensure that you are on Zuora 360 version 5.8 or a later version.

See New object types supported only when Zuora 360+ enabled for more information.

Resolved issue: Type field not synced on SubscriptionProductChargeHistory

Previously, The values for the Type (Zuora__Type__c) field on the Subscription Product & Charge History (Zuora__SubscriptionProductChargeHistory__c) object were not synced from Zuora. This issue has been resolved now.

Resolved issue: Subscription custom fields not synced with Zuora 360+ enabled

Previously, with Zuora 360+ enabled, custom fields on the Subscription object were likely to be ignored and could not get synced into Salesforce. This issue has been resolved now.