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April 21, 2020 - Advanced Payment Manager


April 21, 2020 - Advanced Payment Manager

We have optimized the user interface of the Advanced Payment Manager feature. There are no functionality changes, but some operation flows and UI labels have been changed.

The new UI consists of four tabs.

  • Payment Runs: This is the default tab when you start Advanced Payment Manager. It displays payment runs that are ongoing or have completed in Advanced Payment Manager. In this tab, you can view the details of a payment run, or start a one-off payment run.

  • Schedules: Displays payment run schedules that are have been defined. You can view or edit the schedules, or create a new payment run schedule.

  • Metrics: The available metrics include the number of payment runs that are running or have been completed, the number of payments that are being processed or have been processed, and the number of active schedules. 

  • Settings: In this tab, you can configure the following settings:

    • General settings, including the time zone, retry rules, and payment methods.
    • Settings that are related to payment rules and document processing.
    • Settings for callouts that are triggered after payment runs.

For details about the changes, see Configure the Advanced Payment Manager feature and Using the Advanced Payment Manager feature.