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September 18, 2019 - Collections Window


September 18, 2019 - Collections Window

We have released a few new features and enhancements in the Collections Window feature of Collect.

  • New user interface. We have redesigned the UI. The new UI consists of five tabs.

    • Dashboard: This is the default tab when you start Collections Window. It contains the most important information about collection accounts and tasks. A scatter plot is added to show the distribution of accounts by debt age and balance. Hovering over dots in the scatter plot of collection accounts will display the assigned agents in addition to account names, average debt ages, and total invoice balances.

    • Accounts: Displays the list of accounts that are in collections based on the conditions you define.

    • Invoices: Displays the list of critical invoices based on the conditions you define. The conditions for critical invoices and the conditions for in-collection accounts are independent. Critical invoices may belong to accounts that are not in collections.

    • Tasks: You can view the list of collection tasks assigned via a predefined workflow.

    • Settings: You can configure schedules, system integration and collection statuses in this tab.

  • Multi-currency is now supported in Collections Window.
    If multi-currency is enabled on your tenant, you do not need to configure anything in Collections Window. Account and invoice balances in home currency and account currency are shown in two columns next to each other on account and invoice pages.

  • A new metric called average debt age is added to accounts to measure the overall age of overdue invoices for an account.

  • You can now view collection agents and the tasks that are assigned to them.

  • The four groups of invoice ages are now customizable. Previously they were fixed at <30, 30-60, 60-90, and 90+.

For details about the new features and enhancements, see Using Collections Window and Configure the settings of Collections Window.