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Zuora RevPro

Automated Revenue Management for ASC 606 & IFRS 15

Revenue management is complicated. As a business expands internationally, changes its order-to-cash process, or launches new products, the complexity of revenue recognition multiplies.

Current revenue processes are often very manual, involving complicated spreadsheets or rigid ERP systems. Despite these challenges, the accuracy of revenue numbers is not something to take a risk on. 

That’s why we built Zuora RevPro.


Introducing: Zuora RevPro

Zuora RevPro is the world’s leading revenue automation solution. RevPro enables you to streamline revenue recognition as your business grows and meet current and future U.S. GAAP, including the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 revenue standards.

Designed to Automate Revenue Recognition For Any Event and Any Business Model

Touchless Revenue Recognition: 

Unless there is an exception to handle, revenue recognition should be automated. That’s why we designed RevPro to be flexible enough to understand any contract modification and seamlessly apply tailored rules to recognize the revenue accurately. No manual intervention needed.

Configure, not Code: 

Every rule and setting in RevPro is configurable. We designed RevPro to be the most configurable revenue solution in the market so that any business can tailor RevPro to its own revenue management policies.

Easily Tailor RevPro to your Exact Business Needs

Delivering the foundations

revenue  Revenue and deferred revenue

calculation  SSP calculations & allocations

reports  Reports designed for the new revenue standards

authorization  Granular authorization controls

multi-book  Multi-book accounting

Enabling advanced use cases

contract_modification  Advanced Contract Modification Framework

variable  Advanced Variable Consideration Analyzer

advanced_ssp  Advanced SSP Analyzer

advanced_calculation  Advanced calculations for COGS, sales commissions, rebates, and accruals

Highly configurable

check  Configure performance obligation groups 

check  Configure contract modification rules

check  Configure accounting policies  

check  Configure data augmentation 

check  Configure data validation rules

check  Configure cost allocation rules 

check  Configure audit trail settings 

check  Configure period close settings    

check  Configure UI layouts

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