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System-related configuration

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Before you can start using RevPro, the following minimum system related configurations are required:

  • Accounting calendar
    Accounting calendar is important in RevPro because it determines the way that your company accounts for revenue. It is also important to period-close and period-open activities.
    Accounting calendar is set up during the RevPro implementation phase. After that, you can log in to RevPro to review the accounting calendar by navigating to Setups > Application > Accounting Calendar.
  • Accounting structure
    Accounting structure determines the account numbers to be associated with transactions, which is important to the success of further accounting transfer. The accounting structure must be configured based on your business needs. For more information, see Configure accounting structure.
  • User roles and permissions
    To protect the system from unauthorized operations, RevPro uses role-based access control. As part of system configuration, you must create the role-based access control policies in RevPro. For more information, see Manage user access
  • Currency format
    The currencies that you use for transactions are predefined during the RevPro implementation phase. You cannot edit the standard code or location of the currency. However, you can configure the display format of each currency in use. For more information, see Configure currency format.
  • Profiles
    Many profiles are provided out-of-the-box for you to configure various RevPro functionalities from a central place. For more information, see Set up profiles.


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