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Cost review

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After costs are uploaded or calculated in RevPro, you can review the cost data in RevPro Workbench or in cost related reports.


To view the cost details for each revenue contract, click Cost Elements tab on the Revenue Contract Detail page.

  • In the Overview tab on the Revenue Contract Detail page, released and capitalized costs are displayed in different currencies.

  • In the Cost Elements tab, you can view the history of cost changes for each line.

  • In the Waterfall tab, waterfall data for each cost type can be generated by selecting the cost type in the Waterfall Type list.

  • In the Journal Entries tab, click Show Detail to open the Journal Details window where you can view the capitalization entries created and posted back to GL based on the setup of cost types.


The following cost reports are provided in RevPro:

  • Cost Capitalized Rollforward Report
    Displays capitalized cost beginning balances, cost additions, released amounts, and ending balances for all cost types for reconciliation and disclosures.

  • Cost Insight
    Displays cost activity, cost on hold and cost unposted for each transaction line in details by cost type, by period, quarter, year, or contract to date.

  • Cost Stratification
    Lists the stratification fields and formulas for all cost types that are defined in RevPro.

  • Cost Transaction Changes
    Lists all cost changes by cost type during a given period.

  • Cost Transactions
    Lists all cost transaction details for a given period.

  • Waterfall
    Displays waterfall data of prior periods, and current and future scheduled and forecasted cost.

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