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Custom Fields Mapping

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Apart from the pre-defined field mapping rules, Zuora RevPro Integration also gives you the flexibility to customize the field mapping rules based on different use cases.

Specify the following information to define the custom field mappings in the Transactions/Cost template. You can configure the Transactions/Cost templates in the Field Mapping tab of the template edit page or the template creation page.

  • Seq: The sequence number of the custom field in the data mapping. The Seq field specifies the field mapping order. Note that you are not allowed to specify the sequence numbers for the custom fields that are already used by the source data. 
  • Staging Field Name: The corresponding Zuora RevPro Staging field defined in the Staging table. RevPro names the unused custom fields by concatenating the Rc Line Atr or Rc Line Num prefix and a number. For example, Rc Line Atr17.
    Do not use the following attributes when creating custom templates because they are reserved for Zuora RevPro Integration:
    • Rc Line Atr41 - Rc Line Atr60
    • Rc Line Num14 - Rc Line Num15
  • Input Value Label: The label name of the custom field you defined in Zuora Settings. You can view custom fields to get the field label. In this column, you need to enter the source object and the custom field label defined in Zuora. Note that you must keep the blank space in the Zuora object name and the custom field. 
    For example, if you want to bring in the Subscription Owner custom field defined on the Order Action object in Zuora, then the mapping in the particular RevPro Transaction Upload Template would be: Input Value Label = OrderAction.Subscription Owner

    See Supported Zuora Custom Fields in RevPro for more information on the mapping relationship between the custom fields in Zuora and different RevPro transaction types.

  • Input Value Type: The data type of the custom field. The following data types are supported:
    • Character
    • Number
    • Date

    Note that Zuora RevPro does not support the Picklist data type that is supported by Zuora.

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