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Manual JE Upload

With Manual JE upload, you can upload a manual JE to make manual adjustments.


Before uploading a manual JE, ensure one MJE approval rule and segments are available. From the Application Setups page, you can select the segments that will be available in the Manual JE template.

  1. Navigate to RevPro > Setups > Application > Application Setups.
  2. In the Accounting Setup tab, select the Display check box to display the selected segments in the manual JE template.

Upload Manual JE

  1. Navigate to RevPro > File Upload > Manual JE.

  2. On the Manual Journal Entries page, click New JE.
  3. On the New Manual JE page:
    • Enter a valid name for the journal entry and description.
    • Select the period name.
    • Select the Exrate type. The different types of exchange rates are:
      • User – Users should provide the exchange rate and date in the upload file.
      • Daily, Corporate, Period Average, Period End – The exchange rate mentioned in the daily rate type specified in the Oracle application is selected based on the date provided in the upload template.
    • Select the SOB name. The drop-down values for this field are populated from the Oracle application or ERP. Based on the selected SOB name, the SOB ID & Currency Code field is automatically populated.
    • Select the MJE type. The possible values are:
      • Standard – The current open period or the period name provided when creating the new manual JE is considered as the period. In such template, debit and credit entries are placed as two different line entries. The schedules are not ratable in this method.
      • Waterfall – You can provide the revenue start date and revenue end date, and that duration is considered for schedules. In such template, a single line entry is made for both the credit and debit entries. The schedules are ratable in this method.
    • Select the category code.
    • Select the reversal period to reverse the JEs during that period. The Reversal Period list is enabled only when you select Standard as the MJE Type. Perform the following steps to reverse a JE. Ensure that the JEs are approved and the schedules are created before reversing them. This reversal can be done only for approved JEs. The following steps are not relevant for MJE approval. This can happen only after the MJE is created and file upload portion is complete.
      1. Select an existing manual journal, right-click and select JE Details.
      2. On the JE Details page, click the Manual JE Schedules tab.
      3. Select a period name and click Reverse MJE to reverse the schedules even after their creation. The reversal status of the JE is set to Approval Pending.
      4. Go to Approvals > Approval Details to approve the JE if you have the privileges of an approver, or request the approver to approve the JE. Only after the approval, reversal schedules are created. The reversal status of the JE changes to Approved.
  4. Click + to create the manual journal entry and Save to save the details. The status of the manual journal is set to New.
  5. On the Manual Journal Entries page, click the Download Waterfall Template or Download JE Standard Template tab to download the relevant template based on the MJE type selected.
  6. Add the raw data in the template excel and save it.
  7. Select the newly added JE, right-click and select Upload.
  8. In the File Upload tab, click Browse and select the file to which you have added the raw data. The selected file name is listed in the Uploaded Files section with a success message. The status of the manual journal changes to Validated.
  9. In the Uploaded Files section, the following details are displayed:
    • File Name – Name of the uploaded CSV file.
    • Created By – Name of the user who uploaded the template.
    • Creation Date – Date on which the file was uploaded. 
    • Download – Link to download the uploaded file.
    • Status – A success message is displayed if the upload is successful. An error message is displayed if the upload is not successful.
    • Message – Count of the success or failures that occurred while uploading the file.
  10. Right-click the JE and select Submit Approval. The status of the JE changes to Approval Pending.
  11. Select the manual journal, right-click and select JE Details.
  12. On the JE Details page, go to the Approvals tab where the approver has to provide the approval. Now the status of the JE changes to Approved.


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