Enable SOB ID and Currency Code Auto-Population in MJE

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Enable SOB ID and Currency Code Auto-Population in MJE

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In order to enable the SOB ID and Currency Code auto-population, you must ensure:

  • The value of the CUSTOM_CODE_ALLOWED profile is set to Yes. Navigate to Application > Profiles page to configure this profile.
  • The MJE SOB Upload processor is enabled. Navigate to Application > Pre/Post Processor to enable this processor.

Enable SOB ID and Currency Code Auto-Population

Take the following steps to enable SOB ID and Currency Code auto-population

  1. Navigate to File Upload > Custom and click add_icon.png to create a new template
  2. Enter the required fields, then click save_icon.png to save the template. The template name should be set to JE SOB Upload. Note that the template name cannot be changed after creation.
  3. Click green_add_icon.png in the Field Mapping tab.
  4. Add only the following fields to the template:
    Input Value Label Input Value Type
    SET_OF_BOOKS_ID Number
    NAME Character
    SHORT_NAME Character
    CURRENCY_CODE Character
    ACTION Character
  5. Click Freeze_icon.png to freeze the template, then click download_icon.png to download it.
  6. Enter the values for the defined fields in the template. The values for the following fields are mandatory:
    • SET_OF_BOOKS_ID: Enter a unique ID.
    • NAME: Enter a unique name.
    • CURRENCY_CODE: Enter a currency code defined in the system, for example, USD. To view all currency codes defined in the system, navigate to Application > Currency.

    Note that the data can be updated by populating new NAME, SHORT_NAME, and so on, with an existing SET_OF_BOOKS_ID. The existing data will be deleted if you specify the keyword DELETE in the ACTION column. When the value of the ACTION column is NULL, it implies either inserting new data or updating the existing data.

  7. Hover over the JE SOB Upload template and click upload_icon.png after the template is correctly populated with data.
  8. (Optional) Navigate to File Upload > Manual JE to validate if the data is uploaded correctly. The uploaded data will be displayed in the Manual JE page. The SOB ID and Currency Code are populated automatically in the SOB ID & Currency Code field when the SOB Name is selected.

    If no data is uploaded, the default SOB NAME, 1, will be displayed in the SOB Name field.

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