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MJE setups

Based on your business needs, the following configuration might be required for MJE:

  • Enable certain validations by configuring predefined MJE profiles.

  • Create MJE approval rules so that approval is required to release the holds on MJE.

  • Select the accounting segments for which MJE is to be uploaded.

  • Upload SOB ID and currency code so that this information can be automatically populated in MJE upload template.

Configure MJE profiles

Profiles are created and associated with MJE to enable certain validations during MJE upload. The following predefined profiles are provided in RevPro, which are specific for MJE:

  • SOB_VALIDATION: Enable validation for ERP set of books.

  • CC_ID_VALIDATION: Enable validation for account segments.

  • EX_RATE_VALIDATION: Enable validation for exchange rates.

If your upstream system is not Oracle EBS, to validate the exchange rates, the exchange rates must be populated into RevPro standard table RPRO_EX_RATES with the minimum data points including RATE_TYPE, FROM_CURRENCY, TO_CURRENCY, START_DATE, END_DATE, and EX_RATE during RevPro implementation process.

Complete the following steps to configure the MJE profile:

  1. Navigate to Setups > Application.

  2. Click side-menu-open.png to open the side menu and click Profiles.

  3. On the Profiles page, select JE for the Category field. The predefined JE related profiles are displayed.

  4. Hover your mouse over the target line and click icon-edit.png.

  5. In the Edit Profile window, update the editable fields based on your needs.

    Profile name Editable field name Description
    CC_ID_VALIDATION System Level Value

    Specifies whether to enable validation for account segments.


    Select JE_EX_RATE_TYPE to validate the exchange rates.

    The listed lookup types are all defined in Setups > Application > Lookup. If you created your own lookup type related to exchange rates, you can select the customized one.

    System Level Value

    The options for the system level value are automatically populated based on your selection of the Lookup field.

    For JE_EX_RATE_TYPE, select one of the following:

    • Oracle: Exchange rates are validated against the rates in Oracle EBS.
    • Non Oracle: Exchange rates are validated against the exchange rates in the RPRO_EX_RATES standard table.
    • No Validation: Bypass the validation check.
    SOB_VALIDATION System Level Value Specifies whether to enable validation for ERP set of books.
  6. Click icon-save.png and close the window.

Create MJE approval rules

As part of the policy configuration in RevPro, you must create MJE approval rules. After that, when holds are placed on MJE, approvals are needed to release the revenue. For more information, see Create approval rules.

Set up accounting

The accounting segments that are displayed in the JE standard or waterfall upload template are determined by the accounting segments enabled in the accounting setups.

Complete the following steps to change the accounting segments that are displayed in the JE upload templates:

  1. Navigate to Setups > Application.

  2. Click side-menu-open.png to open the side menu and click Accounting Setup.

  3. On the Account Setup page, toggle the Display switch to Yes for the current segment to be displayed in the JE upload template.

Upload SOB information

The SOB name, SOB ID, and currency code information is defined in the upstream system. If you upload this type of information to RevPro, some fields can be automatically populated for MJE upload.

Complete the following steps to upload the SOB information to RevPro:

  1. Navigate to Setups > Application > Profiles.
  2. Locate and edit the CUSTOM_CODE_ALLOWED profile to set System Level Value to Yes.
  3. Navigate to Setups > Application > Pre/Post Processor.
  4. Enable the MJE SOB Upload procedure.
  5. Navigate to File Upload > Custom.
  6. To add a template, click the New Template icon icon-add.png.
  7. In the New Custom Upload Template window, enter JE SOB Upload in the Name field and select CSV for the File Type field. 
  8. Click icon-save.png. The JE SOB Upload template is created.
  9. Click the Field Mapping tab to add the following fields to the template. The SET_OF_BOOKS_ID, NAME, and CURRENCY_CODE are required fields. Other fields are optional.
    Input Value Label Input Value Type
    SET_OF_BOOKS_ID Number
    NAME Character
    CURRENCY_CODE Character
    SHORT_NAME Character
    ACTION Character
  10. Click icon-freeze.png to freeze the template, and then click icon-download-template.png to download the template.
  11. In the downloaded file, fill in the data according to the definitions in the upstream system.
  12. Hover the mouse over the JE SOB Upload template and then click upload-icon to upload the file.
  13. In the File Upload window, click Choose File to select the local file and then click Upload.

After the file is uploaded, the SOB ID and Currency Code fields can be automatically populated based on the SOB name when you are creating an MJE template. For more information, see MJE upload.

You can update the SOB information in a future upload. To update the existing data, set the ACTION value to NULL in the future upload. To delete the existing data, set the ACTION value to DELETE.

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