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Approve or reverse MJE

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After MJE is successfully uploaded to RevPro, you can approve the MJE for revenue release or you can reverse the MJE for a specific period.

Approve MJE

When the status or reversal status of a JE line is Approval Pending, complete the following steps to approve or reject the MJE:

  1. Log in to RevPro as the approver or override approver.

  2. Navigate to Workbench > Approvals.

  3. Click MJE Approval. By default, the pending approvals for the current user are all displayed.

  4. (Optional): To filter out the displayed approvals, use the search box.

  5. To approve a specific JE, hover the mouse over the JE line and click the Approve icon icon-approve.png.

  6. To approve all pending MJE approvals, click Approve All.

A message will be displayed indicating whether the operation is successful.

An override approver can approve or reject the approvals of all other users.

Reverse MJE

After the journal entries are approved and the schedules are created, complete the following steps to reverse the MJE:

  1. Navigate to File Upload > Manual JE.

  2. On the Manual JE page, hover the mouse over the JE line and then click the JE Details icon icon-je-details.png. The JE Details window is displayed with multiple tabs.

  3. Click the Manage JE Schedules tab, select the period for the Reversal Period field, and then click Reverse MJE.

Now, the reversal status of the JE line changes to Approval Pending. After it is approved, reversal schedules are created. The reversal status of the JE line changes to Approved.

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