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Data entry details

The columns that are contained in each BI view and their sources are listed in a downloadable spreadsheet. Click RevPro BI Views 36.009.00.xlsx to download the spreadsheet for the latest version. For information about BI views in a previous version, see BI views in previous versions.

Each tab in the spreadsheet provides the details about one BI view. Starting from the second row on a tab, each row represents one column in the BI view with the following information provided:

  • Entity: The physical table name based on which the BI view is created.
  • Column: The column name in the BI view.
  • Key: Indicates whether the current column is a primary key of the BI view. The primary key indicator indicates the minimum columns that are required to uniquely identify a record in the BI view.
  • Data Type: The data type of the column.
  • Source Table: The source table from which the column origins.
  • Source Column: The name of the column in the source table from which this column origins.
  • Function/Expression: Indicates the function or expression that is used to derive the current column.
  • Description: A short description of the column.

Some columns exist in each BI view for audit purpose. These audit columns track the creation date, last update date, and the name of the user who updates the record. You can use the audit columns and the primary key columns to process the records for an incremental load strategy.

BI views in previous versions

RevPro BI views are updated on a quarterly basis. The spreadsheet file name indicates the RevPro version that provides the contained BI views. Compared with the last quarterly update, the BI view data updated in the current version is highlighted in yellow. Click the following file to download the BI view information in a previous quarterly update:


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