Release a Revenue Hold or Transfer Hold

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Release a Revenue Hold or Transfer Hold

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Complete the following steps to release a revenue hold or a transfer hold that is placed on an RC, POB, or transaction line in the Workbench:

  1. Navigate to Workbench > Holds. The Holds page is displayed. All the pending holds are listed by default.
  2. (Optional): To filter out the displayed hold items, select the appropriate level from the Hold Level list.
  3. Locate the hold item of your interest and hover the mouse over the row.
  4. (Optional): To view the details for the related revenue contract, click the Review RC icon review-rc-icon.png. The Revenue Contract Detail page will be displayed.
  5. To approve the hold, click the Approve icon approve-icon.png.
  6. In the Approval Comments window, select the appropriate release reason, provide a comment, and then click OK.

After the pending hold is released, it is removed from the pending hold list and displayed on the released hold list.

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