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[Internal] RevPro Screenshots

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This page is used as the central repository for the images in RevPro articles, especially the icon images.

If you want to add an icon image in your article, link to the image file on this page instead of attaching another image in your article directly. The benefit of having a central repository for images is that, once the product UI is changed, we can change all the images quickly by replacing the images on this page. We don't need to go through every single page to update the images as attachments there.


Frequently used icons and buttons are listed below. If you cannot find what you need, create a screenshot and add it to the table below.

Icon File Name
icon-action.png icon-action
icon-add-green.png icon-add-green
icon-add.png icon-add
icon-add-to-migration.png icon-add-to-migration
icon-approve.png icon-approve
icon-backout.png icon-backout
icon-collect-data.png icon-collect-data
icon-compliance-check.png icon-compliance-check
icon-download-template.png icon-download-template
icon-delete.png icon-delete
icon-edit.png icon-edit
icon-export-data.png icon-export-data
icon-edit-privileges.png icon-edit-privileges
icon-freeze.png icon-freeze
icon-magnifying-glass.png icon-magnifying-glass
icon-in-operator.png icon-in-operator
icon-je-details.png icon-je-details
icon-menu-grey.png icon-menu-grey
icon-re-compliance.png icon-re-compliance
icon-preview-report.png icon-preview-report
icon-refresh.png icon-refresh
icon-query-data.png icon-query-data
icon-review-batch.png icon-review-batch
icon-reject.png icon-reject
icon-save-green.png icon-save-green
icon-review-data.png icon-review-data
icon-save.png icon-save
icon-toggle-filter.png icon-toggle-filter
icon-upload.png icon-upload
icon-view-stratification.png icon-view-stratification
icon-copy.png icon-copy
icon-report-filter.png icon-report-filter
icon-report-menu.png icon-report-menu
icon-unfreeze.png icon-unfreeze
icon-transfer.png icon-transfer
icon-update.png icon-update-batch
icon-view-file-data.png icon-view-file-data
icon-view-summary.png icon-view-summary
icon-view-details.png icon-view-details
icon-validate.png icon-validate
icon-view-log.png icon-view-log
icon-view-transactions.png icon-view-transactions
icon-view.png icon-view
button-switch-to-pob.png button-switch-to-pob
button-switch-to-line.png button-switch-to-line


More screenshots used in RevPro articles can be found in the Attachments section below.

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