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[Internal] Standard field mapping

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Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration extracts the source data from Zuora Billing through REST APIs and data source, and then populates it into the Staging tables of RevPro. However, Zuora Billing and RevPro use different fields for the same order. Before data can be extracted and transformed from Zuora Billing to RevPro, you must define field mappings in each transaction upload template in RevPro. After that, RevPro can interpret the imported data, create revenue contracts, and identify POBs for future revenue recognition.

The standard fields that are created on the following source objects can be supported by Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration. If you need additional standard fields to be mapped to RevPro, submit a request at Zuora Global Support.

Transaction type Source object in data source
Sales order RatePlanCharge
Invoice item InvoiceItem
Credit memo item CreditMemoItem
Invoice item adjustment InvoiceItemAdjustment
Debit memo item DebitMemoItem

Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration provides a spectrum of out-of-the-box field mappings for you to configure transaction upload templates in RevPro. For detailed information about default field mappings between Zuora Billing and RevPro, see the following topics:

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