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[Internal] Zuora RevPro Integration Overview

If you are using both the Zuora Billing and Zuora RevPro, a customized, extensible, and seamless integration between them is likely to be a pain point to you. You need to either export the data from Zuora Billing and then import the data into Zuora RevPro manually for revenue recognition, or invest a significant amount of time, resource, and budget to build a customized integration that ingests the required data from Zuora Billing into Zuora RevPro. 

In order to simplify your work and improve your experience on the way to the revenue recognition, Zuora delivers a seamless data integration service called Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration, which removes the friction in the selection and adoption of Zuora RevPro for you. 

Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration delivers the following services:

  • Single Sign-On between Zuora Billing and Zuora RevPro
  • Automated data extraction from the Zuora Billing engines
  • Automated data enrichment and transformation based on various use case scenarios
  • Automated transaction loading into Zuora RevPro in accordance with what you need for their specific revenue recognition use cases

The Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration services provide you with the following benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Minimize your effort in the order-to-revenue process by automating the jobs of extracting data from Zuora Billing and loading data into Zuora RevPro.
  • Enable you to tackle the following complex use cases:
    • Evergreen Subscriptions
    • Discounts
    • Price Changes
    • Upsells and Downsells
    • Term Changes
    • Terminations
  • Customize and extend Upload Templates based Mappings.
  • One-click "Launch and Forget" process via an intuitive UI.
  • Ability to handle ultra-high transaction volumes

Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration Architecture

The following diagram illustrates the architecture of Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration: 

RevPro Integration Architecture

Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration provides a set of high-level Data pipeline REST API that extracts the Bookings and Billings data from the Zuora Central by leveraging the low-level Order and Billing Metrics REST APIs and the standard Zuora data sources. 

The Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration services include two services: Data Extraction Service, and Data Transformation and Load Service.

Service Description
Data Extraction Service

Extracts the data from the following objects via Data Extraction REST APIs:

  • Order
  • Subscription
  • Amendment
  • Invoice
  • Billing Account
  • Product
  • Usage
Data Transformation and Load Service

Pre-process the extracted data, which includes the following steps:

  • Transforms the data into the formats that can be identified and processed by RevPro based on Transaction Upload Templates.
  • Load the transformed data into the Zuora RevPro Staging.

After the data is fully loaded into the Staging, Zuora RevPro then creates new revenue contracts or performance obligations, which will be used for the revenue recognition based on ASC 606. The following diagram demonstrates how data from the Zuora Central fits into the new 5-step revenue recognition process:

Data from Zuora used for ASC606.png

Mapping Relation between Zuora Billing and Zuora RevPro

Currently, one Zuora tenant can be mapped to only one Zuora RevPro instance. If you have the Multi-entity feature enabled, you can either:

  • Map each entity in your Zuora tenant to the corresponding RevPro instance.


  • Map all entities in your Zuora tenant to the same RevPro instance.



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