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Sync currency exchange rate from Zuora Billing into RevPro


Sync currency exchange rate from Zuora Billing into RevPro

For multi-currency transactions, Zuora Billing uses either Invoice Post Date or Invoice Date as the exchange rate date for billing transactions depending on which date is earlier. In addition, Zuora Billing gives you the flexibility to customize the currency conversion configuration based on your business requirements. However, RevPro uses Invoice Date as the exchange rate date by default. The behavior discrepancy between Zuora Billing and RevPro can potentially result in issues when you reconcile two systems.

So we recommend that you sync the transaction-level exchange rate from Zuora Billing into RevPro. It guarantees that the exchange rate for billing transactions is consistently used across the two systems.


To sync the exchange rate for billing items from Zuora Billing into RevPro, complete the following configuration on both sides:

Zuora Billing Zuora RevPro
  • Ensure that the Currency Conversion feature has been enabled for your Zuora tenant. Contact Zuora Global Support to enable this feature.
  • Select the Automatically include additional Currency Conversion information in data source exports check box. Navigate to Finance Settings > Manage Currency Conversion in the Zuora UI to configure. For more information, see Manage Currency Conversion.
  • Ensure that the value for the KS_ENABLE_ZBILL_EXCHG_RATE profile is set toY. This profile indicates whether to sync the exchange rate from Zuora Billing. The default value isYunless you have changed this value before. Navigate to Setups > Application > Profiles in the RevPro UI to check its value.

As a result, the following fields are obtained using data source or AQuA and synced into RevPro Pre-Staging:

  • <Object>.ExchangeRate
  • <Object>.ExchangeRateDate

The <Object> can be one of the following supported billing objects:

  • InvoiceItem
  • InvoiceItemAdjustment
  • CreditMemoItem
  • DebitMemoItem


Assume that a transaction is conducted in EUR through Zuora Billing, but the home currency for your Zuora tenant is USD. You use Oanda as the exchange rate provider.

  • The Invoice Date for this transaction is January 1, 2019, where the exchange rate is 0.75.
  • The Invoice Post Date for this transaction is December 31, 2018, where the exchange rate is 0.77.

After you have completed the configuration to sync exchange rates from Zuora Billing to RevPro, the billing line in Pre-Staging data and Staging are as below:

Transaction Transaction amount Currency Home currency Invoice date Exchange Rate Exchange Rate Date
INV 100 EUR USD 2019-01-01 0.77 2018-12-31

Without the preceding Zuora Billing settings and RevPro profile correctly configured, no exchange rate is synced. RevPro populates the exchange rate on the invoice date during data transformation. If the exchange rate on the invoice date is not available in the system, RevPro uses the last available exchange rate.

In this case, the data synced to RevPro Pre-Staging is:

Transaction Transaction amount Currency Home currency Invoice Date
INV 100 EUR USD 2019-01-01

After the Data Transformation job is run, the Exchange Rate is populated automatically. The corresponding Staging line is:

Transaction Transaction amount Currency Home currency Invoice Date Exchange Rate
INV 100 EUR USD 2019-01-01 0.75

Since Zuora Billing uses 0.77 as the exchange rate, the billing data mismatch occurs between Zuora Billing and RevPro. Therefore, it is recommended that you sync the exchange rate from Zuora Billing into RevPro. By doing so, RevPro uses the same exchange rate as Zuora Billing, which avoids the data discrepancy between two systems.