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Known limitations of Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration


Known limitations of Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration

As Zuora Billing and Zuora RevPro have different policies and requirements, some limitations are applicable to Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration. 

Zuora Billing allows deleting transactions, updating transaction dates, and unposting billing documents. These transactions and billing documents may have already been interfaced with RevPro. However, these changes cannot be synced automatically into RevPro because of RevPro's audit requirements. Therefore, you cannot perform the following tasks if you have Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration enabled:

  • Delete non-draft subscriptions or orders.
  • Delete non-draft amendments.
  • Unpost invoices.
  • Delete invoice item adjustments, credit memos, or debit memos.
  • Change effective dates if a subscription or an order is already active.

Otherwise, the inconsistency will be introduced between Zuora Billing and RevPro.