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Transaction type mapping

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Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration is in Limited Availability

With Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration, Zuora Billing transactions of the invoice, subscription, amendment, credit memo, debit memo, and invoice item adjustment transaction types are mapped to their corresponding RevPro transaction types. The following table lists the detailed transaction type mapping from Zuora Billing to RevPro:

Zuora Billing transaction type RevPro transaction type
Subscription SO
Amendment SO or SO update
Invoice INV
Invoice Item Adjustments (charge type)


Invoice Item Adjustments (credit type) CM
Debit Memo INV
Credit Memo Created from Invoices INV
Credit Memo Created from Charges INV
Credit Memo Generated through Bill Run CM-C

Specific to the Amendment transaction type in Zuora Billing:

  • If the amendment has the same rate plan charge segment as the original subscription, RevPro updates the original sales order line.
  • If the rate plan charge segment of the amendment is different from the original subscription, RevPro processes the amendment as a new sales order line.
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