Schedule a data transformation job

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Schedule a data transformation job

Zuora Billing - RevPro Integration is in Limited Availability

The Data Transformation program transforms the object data in Pre-Staging tables into transaction lines in Staging. 


Ensure that the Billing object data required to perform the transformation is already synchronized into Pre-Staging tables.

Schedule a Data Transformation program

Take the following steps to start the Data Transformation program in RevPro:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Schedule Jobs.
  2. Create icon-add.png to create a new program.
  3. In the Program Name dropdown list, select RevPro3.0 Zuora Data Transformation and complete other configuration in the Schedule Program tab.
  4. In the Program Parameters tab, enter the values for the mandatory fields.
    • Source Transaction Type - Possible values include:
      • ORDER
    • Template Name - The name of the created templates. 
    • Query Filter - The condition that determines the criteria of the revenue run. For example, if the revenue run has to be run only for a particular subscription, we can set the criteria as ` = ‘’’’A-S00000026’’’’`; if the revenue run has to be run for a particular time range, you can specify the dates in the criteria. 
    • Entity Name - This parameter is optional if your Zuora tenant is a single entity, and is mandatory if the Multi-entity feature is enabled in your Zuora tenant.
  5. Click Submit Job. Data Transformation jobs are then started.

After the jobs are complete, the status of the program is updated to “Completed” and the queried data is transformed into transaction lines in Staging tables.

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