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Resolved Issues in and later


Resolved Issues in and later

When the release notes are first published, not all resolved issues are included on the below page. This page will be continuously updated bi-weekly for the subsequent sandbox releases until the next quarterly release. 

Issues resolved in

Engineering tracking ID Support tracking ID     Impacted functionality Reported Issue   Resolved Issue
ZR-22250 401004 Allocation Incorrect Impairment Type4 Treatment The impaired adjustment revenue (carves) amount was incorrectly amortized over the entire term of the order line for Revenue Contracts with type 4 Contract Impairment - Rip & Restructure. With this release, the impaired adjustment revenue (carves) will be amortized over the remaining duration of the order line, starting with the contract modification period. 
ZR-22943 420514 Close Process Dashboard  Exporting SSP exceptions In the release, customers could not export all the rows from the SSP exceptions details section. This issue is now fixed.
ZR-22788   Close Process Dashboard Duplication of manual journals  In the Accounting Analysis tab of the Close Process Dashboard (CPD), manual journals under the Revenue Reports Analysis table were duplicated, causing unexplained variance. This issue has been fixed in the current release.
ZR-22787   Close Process Dashboard Variance Drill-down

Multi-currency revenue contracts with allocation entries generated either functional or reporting currency. The variance drill-down in the Accounting Analysis tab of the CPD displayed duplicate offsetting records for identical amounts due to multiple transactional currency values. This issue is now fixed in the current release.

ZR-22843 418318 Close Process Dashboard Period Close tasks The Period Close jobs submitted from the Period Close Tasks tab of the CPD did not allow you to edit the defaulted parameters. This issue is now fixed. You can update the parameters and submit the period close jobs from the CPD when required.
ZR-22877 419261 Transfer Accounting Failed transfer of accounting entries  In the 37.013.00 release, the Transfer Accounting job failed to transfer the accounting entries associated with the manual journal entry lines that are linked to revenue contracts. With this release, this issue is now fixed.

Issues resolved in and later

Refer to Issues_Resolved_in_37.012.00.01 and later.xlsx to get a complete list of all issues resolved in this release.